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How Our Politicians Deny Us A Future

How is our future affected by the type of politicians we have to endure today? And why does this even matter? Read on to find out:

For me, there are really only two types of politician:

  1. those calling for more of the same, and
  2. those who spin exciting rhetoric demanding that it’s time for change.

Over recent years there have been hardly any of the latter kind. And this is bad news for our future. History shows that from time to time we need people who are a catalyst change. While this isn’t always a welcome, other times it is good for our future wellbeing. For example, Clement Attlee pushed the welfare state, Harold Wilson talked about:

the white heat of the technological revolution

Margaret Thatcher embodied the idea of:

a new nation of enterprise.

Even David Cameron, unlike his gloomy predecessor, Gordon Brown, sought to project a bright image of the future and of modernity. The current lack of these sorts of politicians means we have fallen into a dreary era. They all want to turn back the clock.

Theresa May, asks us to accept that we’ve rarely had it so bad and longs for the 1950s. Jeremy Corbyn wants to go back to the 1970s. Although it’s not as far back as his deputy, John McDonnell, wants to go:

… his admiration extends to Lenin and Trotsky, the leaders of the 1917 Soviet revolution

Where are the politicians who are trying to address the future challenges? How will we as a nation cope with with the rise of automation? Will this affect our jobs? How can we exploit technological advances in genetics or nano-technology. What we need are politicians or a party who makes the future sound bright. Rather than negative, worrying and problematic.

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