Rob Who?

Rob Thompson
Drink responsibly ….

My name is Rob Thompson, welcome to my hub on the web.

I’m an ex-Ironman triathlete, I’m happily married and I live in the UK.

Many years ago, I had to think of a profile name. It had to be unique, so out of the blue came: SirChutney.

I’ve worked as a manager in a variety of industries all my life. After studying hard and getting several professional and academic qualifications I became fairly good at making sense of complex ideas and concepts. So, I figured I’d apply these abilities to trying to work out a philosophy of life.

To this end, I started to post an occasional comment on Guardian newspaper articles. In fact, I still do this. But the problem I soon found was that these comments were literally the first thing that popped into my head. And some of the points the articles were making demanded more thought, and more words too. This led me to conclude that I needed to create fully formed articles on a platform that gave me more space to elaborate. This blog emerged as a result.

Its proven to be a decent enough way of collecting my musings and half-baked opinions about life together in one place. And I hope it will help you too?

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