The Curse Of Our Trash Culture

Trash is one of the curses of the modern age. More specifically, coping with unregulated waste disposal, such as fly tipping. In this post I explore some options.
There were almost a million incidents of people fly tipping their trash in England in last year. This is one of the worst levels on record. With greater than a third of farmers having rubbish dumped on their land. And it’s not just the odd item here and there. Gangs leave truckloads of trash weighing up to 20 tonnes, sometimes even more. If dealt with legally this amount of rubbish would cost around £2000 to dispose of at a landfill site.
A fridge should be for life
Politicians want to push up fly-tipping fines. But how do you unless we cover the countryside which CCTV cameras how would you catch the culprits? Isn’t it more sensible ask the manufacturers who generate all this trash for help? For example, most litter in this country comes from ten large manufacturers with billion-pound turnovers.
As the cost of disposing of household trash and waste increases, so does the number of individuals and businesses that fly-tip, and the UK government has made it easier for members of the public to report fly-tipping. The fine or punishment is normally defined by the local council that operates in the local area in which the rubbish was dumped. According to the BBC, fly-tipping costs councils in England and Wales more than £50m annually (2016).
We also need to persuade white goods and equipment companies to stop requiring consumers to spend and discard. They could sell goods which are a lot more durable.  If they’re not prepared or don’t want to do that, then they can be fined, for not clearing up the mess!
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