The Powerful Elite

Who Are The Powerlessness Elite Who Inhabit Our Lives?

An often touted conspiracy theory is that one elite group, united in its strategic interest, somehow runs UK. This arrogant bunch wields all the power. They impose policies without regard for voter concerns. But this actually isn’t the case. Read on to find out why ….

In my opinion, it’s not one collection of people who call the shots. Rather we have two distinct groups who call all the shots. The first group are comprised of private business, finance and politicians. And the second are the public elite. This elite public group consists of those employed in academia, the media and arts. Sometimes these two separate groups may meet each other at a high profile event. But most of time they never see or interact with each other. This is because they have different tastes, agendas and work and live in different places. While each has its own insecurities, in general the public elite look up to the liberal Left. And the non-political members of the private elite are apolitical floating voters.

The question is, in this populist age which group is more powerful?

Both groups form part of 1%, despite the fact that the public elite may deny it. So, let’s take a G20 summit as an example. When world leaders meet they may appear to be powerful individuals. In reality, they’re full of the usual doubts and fears. The are terrified that voters hate them and that the media will make demands they won’t be able to meet. And back home they struggle to govern. Likewise with business leaders, they feebly attempt to assuage their critics.

The private elite have bartered away their power in exchange for votes and attempts at popularity. Tony Blair won a landslide by pledging not to raise income tax or increase public spending. The Tories, in the name of shrinking the state, have whittled away the politicians’ control over public services. Business leaders who care about their bonuses and their companies’ share price are:

… stuck and disillusioned. They do not know how to change their businesses and feel hampered by the complexity of their supply chains and lack of action by regulators

It is for these reasons that, for me, the public elite will always come out on top. Politicians, private business and finance doesn’t really govern and influence our day-to-day lives. Rather, creativity and style is more precious than wealth and productivity to the general public. The paradox is that voters themselves want a more active state capable of solving their problems. They simply do not understand the powerlessness power of the private elite.

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