Why Attacking Trump Won’t Work

What matters to Trump voters the most? I’ve been pondering this question and I’ve come up with a possible answer. Read on to find out more ….

For many voters I believe that social status matters more than economic payoffs. This goes some way to explaining the secret of Donald Trump’s success. Its usual to hear that his success is down to his wild promisesHere are 76 of them that he said he would do if elected, or has predicted would occur as a result of his election. A couple of examples are that he committed to create more jobs and make America great again. Trumps detractors think that by highlighting his failures and vanity they’ll bring him down. But they’re wrong.

Take his obsession with appearance, for example. He is fixated on with how he looks, and how other people look too. Chris Christie got teased about his weight at a New Jersey fund-raiser, “No more Oreos” Trump suggested. During last year’s presidential campaign, he mocked is Republican rival Jeb Bush for swapping his glasses for contact lenses. And made fun of Rick Perry for putting glasses on. The problem with Trump is not so much his sexism but his bullying cruelty. He mistakes this for strength. This is what really defines his style, and it’s becoming more pronounced. Trump is isolated in the White House, unable to form coherent policies, and forced to deal with people who he doesn’t own. He isn’t built for this environment and it shows in his deteriorating psychological health.

Because Trump bases his appeal to voters on something more intangible, respect, means that focusing on his shortcomings won’t work. Insecure voters who believe themselves to be social outsiders have long felt snubbed by the elite. And Trump excels at tapping into similar resentments felt by lower-status Americans. The striking thing about his speeches is the near-reverence with which he speaks of these voters:

Thank you everybody, I just want to say we love you, you are special, we’re here to take care, it’s going well, and I want to thank you for coming out. We’re gonna get you back and operating immediately, thank you everybody — what a crowd, what a turnout.

That message speaks to his base supporters because they’re being respected by a person who embodies what they aspire to. Conversely, when people denounce Trump as a vulgar charlatan, they see it as an implicit rebuke of themselves and their values. This then drives them further into Trump’s embrace. Unless Democrats grasp this dynamic, I fear they’ll be humiliated again in 2020.

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